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Chauncey Swan Park amphitheater 415 E Washington 41.659638, -91.529963
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Nathan Platte teaches courses on film music and other topics for the School of Music and Department of Cinematic Arts at the University of Iowa. His research explores the sound of Hollywood’s studio era from a variety of angles, including the collaborative process of film scoring, the intersection of technology and music, and soundtrack albums. Nathan is a writer, cohost, and producer for two podcasts: Sounding Cinema, a film music podcast made in collaboration with students, and FilmCastPodScene, a podcast cohosted with Ben Delgado, the programming director of FilmScene.
Ben Delgado is the Programming Director at FilmScene, Iowa City’s premiere art house theater. He holds a Masters degree from The Ohio State University in Arts Policy and a BA in Communication and Culture from Indiana University. Ben began his programming career at Coral Gables Art Cinema in 2013 where he helped to develop artists’ services programs alongside curating a diverse film selection. In 2017 he joined the programming team of the American Film Institute’s Silver Theatre and Cultural Center playing an integral role in presenting over 800 annual offerings with film festivals, repertory, and first-run film. There he also co-founded and co-hosted the Silver Streams podcast. In his current role at FilmScene, Ben oversees all aspects of programming from special events to repertory offerings and everything in between including co-hosting FilmCastPodScene with University of Iowa professor of musicology Nathan Platte.


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